Now that you have the Songbook, let's get started! 
We recommend that you learn one song per week with the children, listening, singing and doing the movements each day. Here you find each video showing the movements, and below the full song with lyrics and without lyrics (karaoke).

Canciones del Jardín, is the first songbook of children’s music by Musical Conexion. The songs were carefully selected from a wide repertoire of traditional Southamerican and Chilean children’s music to teach the functions of music in harmony with movement for early childhood development. Each song is presented with the respective chords as well as movement indications. This allows mothers, fathers and teachers to interpret the songs, creating a personal musical connection with the young children in their care. Melody, timbre, harmony, pitch, rhythm and volume are a few of the functions of music that we learn.

Here you find the music song tracks to download or listen to online. 1) Full song & words 2) Full song instrumental only 'karaoke'.