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Below you can choose between material for Pre-K & Kinder, 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade.
Canciones del Jardín, is the first songbook of children's music by Musical Conexion. The songs were carefully selected from a wide repertoire of traditional Southamerican and Chilean children's music to teach the elements of music in harmony with movement for early childhood development. Each song is presented with the respective chords as well as movement indications. This allows mothers, fathers and teachers to interpret the songs, creating a personal musical connection with the young children in their care.
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Bilingual Songs, includes some of the most recognized and loved songs world-wide in Spanish and English. These timeless and intergenerational songs bridge cultures and languages and are an important part of our children’s music and movement program for early childhood. 
Estaciones en Canciones (“Seasons in Songs”) is the first Musical Conexion album that gives focus to children ages 7 and older. The songs were created and selected as a way to promote the development of musicality through certain elements of music. These include rounds, polyrhythm, and rhythm changes. Children are invited on a musical journey through imaginary worlds of the four seasons. While on this journey, they acquire an understanding of a new language (Spanish), and are also exposed to learning through geometric forms, numbers, colors, and a diversity of musical instruments.
"Musicality" is to feel the music, enjoy the music and connect with yourself and others. Music is a language of possibilities, freedom and creativity. This album proposes an encounter with one's own musicality, we will also be able to learn songs in minor tones, vowels in Spanish, play with rhythm changes, tongue twisters, a musical tale in English, rhythmic games and much more.
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