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Musical Conexion is a bilingual educational enrichment program cultivating motor skills and cognitive development through music, as well as  empathy and appreciation for cultural diversity. 

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Musical Conexion Director:
Cote Godoy 

José Manuel (¨Cote¨) Godoy, musician and educator, was born in Santiago de Chile, where, at 5 years old he began his journey with music. Cote has received national recognition for his songwriting and pioneered the community arts Open Microphone Movement in Santiago de Chile. He studied music development at the University of Humanities in Chile, as well as Waldorf pedagogy and therapeutic education. Sponsored by the Chilean Department of Education and Culture, Cote provided interdisciplinary clinics combining academia and arts to colleges and universities in the U.S.A. His work as coordinator of children’s music programs in the capital city and abroad has led to a deeper exploration and study of a variety of holistic pedagogical approaches.  Additionally, as a professional Musician and Healing Artist for adults and children at NE Indiana's largest regional hospital, Cote knows first-hand the power of music in strengthening and healing. Cote believes that music is the language of possibility and brings a broad range of experience and a dedicated heart to working with children.

Musical Conexion Instructor:
Catalina Walker

Catalina, is a singer and songwriter born in Chile, who has shown a love for music and theater since early childhood. After attending various courses and workshops in performing arts, she began studying theater upon graduating from high school, where she learned and refined her expression techniques. She then studied singing, bought her first instrument—a Venezuelan cuatro—and composed her first songs. Her curious spirit led her to travel across Latin America and later to France, where she studied singing and performance at the Fresnes Conservatory. It was there that she began to understand the connection between music and stage expression, and the liberating and healing power of musical expression and movement. Upon returning to Chile, she embarked on various musical and theatrical projects, continued composing, and began teaching singing and performance classes to teenagers and adults. After attending several seminars on integrative music education methods such as Orff and Suzuki, Catalina developed an interest in teaching children from early childhood to age eight. In 2018, she returned to France, where she currently resides and has taught music and movement in various preschools in Paris and Fresnes. Catalina deeply believes in the power of human connection through music and dance as a tool for social transformation from the depths of the heart, towards a supportive and empathetic world. At the end of 2021, guided by Cote Godoy from Indiana, USA, Catalina began applying the Musical Connexion pedagogy in the schools where she works, achieving amazing results. It was then that she decided to participate in the project created by Cote and translate some of the songs from the MC repertoire into French. She currently works at the MJC of Fresnes (Youth and Cultural Center) where she leads various vocal expression workshops for children and adults, as well as a weekly workshop called "Connexion Musical" for children aged 3 to 5 accompanied by their parents, where she practices the Musical Connexion pedagogy, achieving excellent results in terms of the enthusiasm and participation of the children and their parents.

Musical Conexion Instructor:
Kelsie Lee 

Kelsie Lee is originally from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  An Eli Lilly Scholar, she received a Bachelor´s degree from Butler University and a Master´s degree in International Laws from Maastricht University, The Netherlands. She has lived, worked and studied abroad in Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and Chile.  She speaks Spanish and basic modern Greek.  Kelsie has studied creative expression, languages and culture studies both formally and experientially.  In South America, she taught at both elementary and and high school grade levels. She has served as Associate Faculty of Culture Studies and Spanish at Purdue University Fort Wayne (PFW) and online instructor for college campuses state-wide with Ivy Tech.  Kelsie is also a singer-songwriter and performer.  Kelsie believes in the importance of accompanying all ages of cognitive learning with empathy and character development, bringing this conviction to her work with Musical Conexion.

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