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"Their energy is so calm and welcoming and fun—it reminded me of Mr. Roger’s gentleness mixed with Raffi’s silly songs but in Spanish. Their energy works so well for immersing the audience in Spanish while still being incredibly accessible. It was like magic.  SOOO good!" 
  • Interactive live music and movement 

  • Bilingual exposure (For beginners too!)

  • Experiential cultural learning through dance, song, finger-play stories, and games.

  • Hands-on exploration of real instruments such as the acoustic guitar, cajón peruano and world instruments.

  • Digital access to Song Book & Music for families and libraries.


Musical Conexion bilingual children's music
Musical Conexion Pine Hill
Musical Conexion Indianapolis Palladium

Our live music family concerts invite young children and families to make joyful 'conexions' through the universal language of music.  Expect a fun-filled and unique bilingual and cultural experience of age appropriate songs, movements, and finger plays in Spanish and English with real instruments like guitar and cajón peruano!  The interactive concert is tailor-designed for both non-Spanish speaking families and Spanish speaking families alike!  Many families continue making musical 'conexions' with the Musical Conexion Songbook and music made available to all participants!  Cote Godoy of Chile and Kelsi Lee of Indiana are active musicians and experienced educators who do a fantastic job of nurturing a fun, accepting, encouraging and inclusive atmosphere for everyone!

With music as our magic wand, ‘errors’ and dissonant notes don’t stop us!  This is because Musical Conexion presents music as the language of possibilities and musicality as inclusive of everyone. Music is the universal language because it connects us to ourselves and to others in more ways than one!  

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