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An inclusive educational enrichment program

inspiring cognitive connections

through music, cultural immersion, and bilingual learning.

Our Philosophy:

We are born with a unique musicality that accompanies us throughout our lives and helps us cultivate sensitivity and understanding of our environment. 


Music is a language of possibilities, freedom and creativity. Musicality is to feel the music, enjoy the music, and connect with yourself and others.


Musicality is the human capacity to feel, enjoy and create music. It is also the ability to express oneself musically; a faculty that develops overtime throughout the course of our lives, and begins in early childhood. 


The Importance of Bilingual Learning
Early stage childhood is a critical time for language learning including a second language. It is also a crucial window of time to develop empathy for other cultures. Studies show that bilingual learning before age 6 can help to improve overall learning abilities in other educational areas, such as literacy and mathematics. More importantly, we find ourselves in a globalized world with an ever more interconnected future meaning that cultural immersion and bilingual learning at an early age serve a child for their entire lifetime. Like fertile seeds, these positive experiences grow with a child into adulthood nurturing them to become truly empathic and conscious global citizens.


Musicality, Language and Self Expression

Developing our musicality helps us to recognize the different emotional states through which we pass. Music and language contain the necessary elements to recognize and accompany emotions expressed in a safe and healthy manner in early childhood.

  • Bilingual immersion

  • Experiential cultural learning through dance, songs, finger-plays, games and stories.

  • Exploration of real instruments such as the acoustic guitar, cajon peruano and world instruments.

  • Support materials,  Musical Conexion Song Book and CD for school, parents and teachers.

  • Pedagogical dynamics cultivating creativity, expression, confidence and empathy.

In each program you find:



Through experiential learning,  children explore the elements of music, such as rhythm, melody, harmony and tone.



Positive experiences

and emotional intelligence are part of a comprehensive education of empathy; perceiving your feelings and those of others, and expressing or reacting to them.

Language & Culture


Cultural immersion

 through stories, songs, finger plays, exercises, and games are part of  fun-filled learning of  Spanish vocabulary, including days of the week, numbers, and animals.




development and physical coordination  are cultivated from an early age through meaningful and rhythmic

motion and movement.

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