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Estaciones en Canciones (“Seasons in Songs”) is the first Musical Conexion album for children ages 7 and up, with songs both created and selected for experiential learning of musical dynamics, such as rounds, polyrhythm, and metric changes through singing, percussion and musical games. The children are invited on a musical journey through imaginary worlds of the four seasons, all while experiencing new words in Spanish, geometric forms, numbers, colors, and a diversity of musical instruments.

Now that you have the Songbook, let's get started! 
We recommend that you learn one song per week with the children, listening and singing with the lyric book each day. Here you find each video with the lyric book on youtube.
Here you find the music song tracks to download or listen to online.

"Musicality" is to feel the music, enjoy the music and connect with yourself and others. Music is a language of possibilities, freedom and creativity. This album proposes an encounter with one's own musicality, we will also be able to learn songs in minor tones, vowels in Spanish, play with rhythm changes, tongue twisters, a musical tale in English, rhythmic games and much more.

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