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Musical Conexion Finger play stories
Musical Conexion educational enrichment
Musical Conexion bilingual classes

An inclusive educational enrichment program

inspiring cognitive connections

through music, cultural immersion, and bilingual learning.

Musical Conexion is now offered as in-class or virtual programming to elementary schools and early childhood establishments as part of day-time curriculum enrichment, home-based learning, and before/after school programming.  

We are all born with a creative spirit and a free musical soul which can guide our sensitivity and understanding as we move through life. Music is a language of possibilities, freedom and creativity. Musicality is to feel the music, enjoy the music and connect with yourself and others.

In "Online Programs"  you'll find the downloadable Songbook, songs, and videos so that you too can learn the movements and enjoy making your very own 'musical connections' with your children at home and around the world!

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Programs for parents and teachers to do with Pre-K, Kinder, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade, plus new programs coming soon!



Through experiential learning,  children explore the elements of music, such as rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony and tone.



Positive experiences

and emotional intelligence are part of a comprehensive education of empathy; perceiving your feelings and those of others, and expressing or reacting to them.

Language & Culture


Cultural immersion

 through stories, songs, finger plays, exercises, and games are part of  fun-filled learning of  Spanish vocabulary, including days of the week, numbers, and animals.




development and physical coordination  are cultivated from an early age through meaningful and rhythmic

motion and movement.