An inclusive educational enrichment program

inspiring cognitive connections

through music, cultural immersion, and bilingual learning.

  • Bilingual immersion (for beginners too!)

  • Experiential cultural learning through dance, songs, finger-plays, games and stories.

  • Exploration of real instruments such as the acoustic guitar, cajon peruano and indigenous instruments.

  • Support materials,  Musical Conexion Song Book and CD for school, parents and teachers.

  • Pedagogical dynamics cultivating creativity, expression, confidence and empathy.

Offered to pre-k through 3rd grade, our bilingual educational enrichment program cultivates empathy, experiential cultural diversity, and a head-start with one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and the 2nd in the U.S.A - Spanish! The program includes carefully created and selected age-appropriate songs, stories and games, as well as original support material for our partner establishments, teachers and parents, which is theirs to keep!

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