An inclusive educational enrichment program

inspiring cognitive connections

through music, cultural immersion, and bilingual learning.

Here you find the music song tracks to download or listen to online.
Options: 1)Full song & words 2)Full song instrumental only 'karaoke' style.

Benefactors of the Musical Conexion academic enrichment program supporting: the universal language of music, cultural immersion, and multilingual learning.




"We believe that lasting societal transformation and enrichment come when individuals, grassroots efforts and local businesses support their  communities. Our deepest gratitude to the people and organizations who sponsor Musical Conexion program, changing the lives of growing children and future global citizens in their corners of the great wide world!"

-Musical Conexion Directors, Kelsi Lee & Cote Godoy

We are creating new programs in-person and online to reach as many children, teachers and families as possible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we would love to hear from you! Contact us here.
Thanks to our generous sponsors, we are able to make our bilingual music and movement program available to your family online. Here you'll find the downloadable Songbook, songs, and videos so that you, too, can learn the movements and enjoy making your very own 'musical connections' with your children at home and around the world!
Now that you have the Songbook, let's get started! 
We recommend that you learn one song per week with the children, listening, singing and doing the movements each day. Here you find each video showing the movements, and below the full song with lyrics and without lyrics (karaoke).
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The Universal Language.