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Musical Conexion School
Musical Conexion Finger play stories
Musical Conexion educational enrichment
Musical Conexion bilingual classes

Musical Conexion is offered now online for elementary schools and early childhood establishments as part of day-time curriculum enrichment, home-based learning, and before/after school programming.  

  • Bilingual immersion

  • Experiential cultural learning through dance, songs, finger-plays, games and stories.

  • Exploration of real instruments such as the acoustic guitar, cajon peruano and indigenous instruments.

  • Support materials,  Musical Conexion Song Book and CD for school, parents and teachers.

  • Pedagogical dynamics cultivating creativity, expression, confidence and empathy.

Musical Conexion music & movement
Musical Conexion The Universal Language
Musical Conexion peruvian box
Musical Conexion cultural immersion

Holistic childhood education cultivates cognitive and psycho-motor development through joyful play. These are the types of connections that children in today’s age need and that we seek to create. With music as our magic wand, ‘errors’ and dissonant notes don’t stop us!  This is because Musical Conexion presents music as the language of possibilities and musicality as inclusive of everyone. Music is said to be the universal language because musicality, in its broadest sense, is an expression of our unique individualities, and further exploration of the harmony that we can create together!


Song Book Musical Conexion Vol. 1
  • Educational Videos

  • Pedagogical Material

  • CD & Songbook with lyrics & movement indications for school and families

1. Everyone is born with unique musical creativity!


2. A rich musical environment in early childhood benefits all cognitive development!


3. Early stages of childhood are critical timing for beginning to learn a foreign language!


4. Music and movement can cultivate confidence, creativity, and self-expression!

5. In today's digital age, children need authentic and personal  connections!




Through experiential learning,  children explore the elements of music, such as rhythm, dynamics, melody, harmony and tone.



Positive experiences

and emotional intelligence are part of a comprehensive education of empathy; perceiving your feelings and those of others, and expressing or reacting to them.

Language & Culture


Cultural immersion

 through stories, songs, finger plays, exercises, and games are part of  fun-filled learning of  Spanish vocabulary, including days of the week, numbers, and animals.




development and physical coordination  are cultivated from an early age through meaningful and rhythmic

motion and movement.

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The Universal Language.